This is an Italian favorite which translates roughly as “cooked cream”. It is made by heating heavy whipping cream with a dash of vanilla, then adding some gelatin to give it a texture roughly approximating Tapioca pudding. It is absolutely delicious! Top it off with fruit or a fruit sauce. We also have a SUGAR-FREE version!


A classic from the city of Venice. Tiramisu’ is an Italian custard made with mascarpone cheese, sweet Marsala wine, and coffee.


Semifreddo means “half cold”. It is a light creamy dessert that is not quite as cold as gelato on the palate, but firmer and cooler than a mousse. We can whip it up in a variety of flavors, and we use it as the “frosting” for our gelato cakes.

Want more? we also make creme brulee, mousses, sicilian cannoli and gluten-free muffins.