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what is gelato?

Gelato is gourmet Italian Ice Cream made in small batches with premium ingredients. We make all of our gelato in-house using the age-old traditional artisanal method, with zero artificial colors, zero artificial flavors and zero preservatives.

Compared to ice cream, gelato has fewer carbs, half the butterfat content of ice cream and 70% less air. And we NEVER use high-fructose corn syrup. Not only is our gelato better tasting; it’s better for you!

ZENZERO uses only premium ingredients, many imported from Italy, and some locally grown. We are the ONLY AUTHENTIC GELATO IN THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY.


Our flavors change daily and include an eclectic mix of Italian classics (Stracciatella, Amarena, Pannacotta), American favorites (Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel) and our very own creations such as Jack (chocolate with Jack Daniels), Maui (mango and pineapple), and Black Pearl (Chocolate with rum and vanilla).

dairy-free options:

We are always sure to have some dairy-free options in our display case, including fruit-based sorbets and the occasional creamy vegan delicacy.

sugar-free options:

We are proud to feature our new line of gelato called LOTUS (Leave Out The Unnecessary Sugar) made with Xylitol. These flavors are keto-friendly and have a very low glycemic index. What’s more, they’re delicious!