Proudly featuring illy coffee from Trieste, Italy

Proudly featuring illy coffee from Trieste, Italy

ZENZERO serves the best espresso-based coffee drinks in New Braunfels, hands down.

It starts with our espresso: we are proud to use illy coffee, from my home-town of Trieste Italy, for all our coffee drinks. And then there is expertise: we know how to pull a perfect espresso and steam milk just right

Our menu includes cappuccino, latte, mocha, honey latte, and the delicious Emma latte (honey latte with cinnamon. We have ICED COFFEE as well because . . . well, this is Texas.

Try the Bora Bora, our most popular iced drink: 2 scoops of our signature gelato blended with a shot of illy espresso.

Finally, we serve a rich assortment of refined teas by Damman-Freres of Paris. (Try our LONDON FOG: Earl Grey tea with vanilla and steamed milk).