top it with a scoop of gelato!


Coffee and Drinks

We proudly serve illy coffee from our home town of Trieste

caffe` caldo





caffe' latte

honey latte

flavored latte


caffe` freddo

iced latte

pinguino (flavored iced latte)

bora bora (vanilla gelato blended with shot of illy espresso)


other hot drinks

chai latte

domori hot cocoa

hot tea:                   premium assortment by damman freres of paris


other cold drinks

san pellegrino

soft drinks in bottle

vitamin water




HEB Plus Retail Center

244 FM 306 Suite 122      New Braunfels,  TX  78130


from I-35, take exit 191 towards Gruene and Canyon Lake


Hours of operation:

Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 9 pm

Mondays closed



Peter and Emma, 1988

Peter and Emma, 1988

Peter and Emma, 2014

Peter and Emma, 2014

A love story:

I met my wife on the platform of the Congress "el"train at O'Hare airport in Chicago near the end of the summer of 1988. This is the story of how we fell in love over a cup of gelato.  But first, let me explain that I arrived to Chicago with a heavy heart that summer afternoon, as I had just flown in to start another year of medical school. after spending summer break in the beautiful city where I had grown up: Trieste Italy.

.As everyone knows, the country of Italy is synonymous with delicious, wholesome food.  And for a child growing up in Italy, the pinnacle of gastronomic achievement is, without a doubt, gelato. With half the fat of ice cream, no artificial coloring and no preservatives, artisanal gelato is the gourmet delicacy people of all ages can enjoy.  It brings families together. It cements memories. And I have no doubt, It helps people, young and old, fall in love.

Gelato was intertwined with my childhood. One of of my fondest memories is of my grandmother Luisa sending us to the dairy shop on our street to fetch her favorite treat:  a giant gelato sandwich set between waffle cookies.  The shop keeper wrapped it with care in thick wax paper.and and my brothers and I scurried home, eager to have nonna cut a small piece for each of us five children.

But our city of Trieste is not just famous for its gelato.  It is also home to historic coffee houses where locals hobnob with artists and writers, just as they did a century ago when a young James Joyce came here and wrote "Dubliners", "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", and began his masterpiece, "Ulysses".  Trieste remains Italy's capital of coffee, now home to The University of Coffee and headquarters of renowned coffee makers, Illy®: our exclusive coffee provider.

So what happened on that summer day in Chicago?  Well, we got on the same train.  She sat a good distance away from me.  After a minute I got up and took the seat across from her and struck up a conversation. Turns out we were getting off at the same station.  I gave her my phone number. She didn't call.  But nonna Luisa did not raise a fool so I managed to find her. Of course, for our first date I invited her for gelato.  

She ordered cinnamon.  

Pretty soon she was hooked.


We make our gelato from scratch in small batches with ZERO artificial colors, ZERO preservatives and ZERO artificial flavourings.  There are dozens of flavors we are able to make, but not all on the same day. A few flavors have become local favorites and are available every day (unless we run out). Some flavors show up frequently on our rotation, others not as often, and a few are seasonal.  If there is a flavor you don't see and would like us to make, let us know. If it sounds good, we'll make it.

We also have novelty items such as popsicles and large Oreo cookie sandwiches with our own home-made gelato (yum!).

We do have a variety of dairy-free and gluten-free options.  Our dairy-free flavors are churned on a separate batch freezer from our milk-based flavors to avoid cross contamination. We do not have sugar-free options because artisanal gelato prohibits the use of artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. 

A word of caution: due to the high incidence of severe peanut allergies in children WE DO NOT USE PEANUT PRODUCTS AT ZENZERO. We do use tree nuts, however and there can be cross-contamination at our suppliers' storage and distribution centers.  If you or your family members have a history of serious reactions (such as anaphylaxis) to any food items, please let us know in advance.

Also, some of our flavors contain small amounts of alcohol for flavoring. The amount of alcohol is very small (less than 2%) but we recommend these flavors for adults only.









Gelato is the Italian gourmet version of ice cream. However, because of the Food and Drug Administration definition of ice cream, gelato is NOT ice cream.

The FDA defines ice cream as a cream based frozen dessert that has at least 10% butterfat (the fat content of ice cream is usually 10% to 18% but can be higher). Gelato has a LOWER FAT CONTENT, from 0 to 8%.  This and other differences make gelato a HEALTHIER OPTION compared to ice cream and frozen yogurt.



Did you know the main ingredient of ice cream is air? Ice cream is churned at a fast speed to incorporate air.  It usually has 50 to 60% air. Gelato is churned at a slow speed and has only about 15% air.


Artisanal gelato uses premium ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Not so with ice cream.


Ice cream is often stored for months before it reaches the consumer. We make our gelato fresh daily.  And it shows.